Initial Consultation Appointment
1 hour and 30 minutes

Fee: £80 – £100 (Depending on your income)

The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to find out if you can work with your psychotherapist, and for your psychotherapist to find out your psychotherapeutic needs. We will have the opportunity to discuss practical matters like fees at your initial consultation.


Ongoing Session Appointments
Session lasts for 50 minutes


£70 – £90 (Depending on your income) for once-a-week sessions

£60 – £80 (Depending on your income) for 3 – 5 times per week sessions

Ongoing sessions after the initial consultation takes place regularly on mutually agreed days and times, giving a sense of continuity to our work together. You will be seeing your psychotherapist regularly based on your mutual agreement together.


Reduced Fees Session Appointments

We also offer some limited reduced-fee places for those on low incomes who would otherwise not be able to afford psychotherapy. Please let us know if you will need reduced fees when you make your appointment for your initial consultation.


Reduced Fee Initial Consultation

1 hour 30 minutes

Fee: £70


Reduced Fee Ongoing Sessions

Session lasts for 50 minutes

£50 – £60 (Depending on your income) for once-a-week sessions

£40 – £50 (Depending on your income) for 3-5 times per week sessions


Clinical Supervision Fees

Fee: £60 – £70 (Depending on your case load and income)

We offer psychoanalytic and psychodynamic clinical supervision to both qualified psychotherapists, counsellors and trainees. Please contact us for further information if you need clinical supervision.